Patch 1.5

21 May 2021 00:43

Written by : Hardworker Admin

The game will have a big updates in patch 1.5 with Hunting System rework alongside with many status adjustment for balancing this new gameplay.

1. Open-World Map

The Dungeon system will be changed to Open-World map system, so every player can meet each other in a same Hunting Area.

2. Monster Respawn

All the monster now will be able to respawn everytime they are killed. Boss-monster also can be respawn in random position in certain period after it is killed without have to kill a certain amount of monsters. Each monster has different EXP randomize in range, even if they are the exact same kind of monster.

3. Combo Attack

Now each Class will have their own 5 Combo attacks to free-hit without need to lock any target, so no more boring single auto-attack. The first and second attack will be 100% damage, the third and fourth will be 200%, and the final fifth attack will be 300% damage.

4. Daily Quest

You will now be able to do a daily quest with different kind of reward, and all of them will be resetted every day.

5. Monster Status adjustment 

To compensate Respawn system, all the monster will be weaker a little bit, their status will be downgraded 10-20% from dungeon version. Their aggressiveness also will be decreased.

6. Equipment Status adjustment

To compensate monster's status adjustment, all equipment set starting from Set 3 to 6 will be downgraded a little bit.

7. LP Status adjustment

To compensate equipment's status adjustment, every 150 Critical will increase 100% final base damage.

8. Costume

New Item Mall is arriving : 9 models of Costume with 9 styles for each model.

9. Valuation new Random system

Instead of random in fixed 5, 10, 15, 20 (or negative), now it will truly randomize from 1 to 20 (max) and vice-versa (-1 to -20). This system will only works for the next Valuation after this update.


Update directly from PlayStore and AppStore on 28th May, 2021.

(Will be delayed to 1st June 2021 for Maintenance and full Backup database to prepare a Rollback if something wrong happen after upgrade).

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