Patch 1.27

18 March 2021 22:28

Written by : Our friendly neighborhood Admin

Prepare for some fresh updates : 

1. Stage-6 Maps

After long internal test, finally we are ready to launch new maps for stage-6 : Ice Castle and Glacier for map level 101-130. Update will automatically added to the game partially.

2. Set-5 Equipments

Gather all the items dropped from the monster in Ice Castle and Glacier, especially from the bosses which drop the most important items required to build a whole new Set-5 equipments.

3. Status Adjustment

Base MP for level 1 of each class will be increased by 35, but the character will no longer receive MP from level increment, so WIS will be a help, besides 5 MP, now it also increase 2 EP. And MP consumption will be decreased for all of Mage's skills in lategame. And many more.

4. Graphic Setting Optimization

Since the Pet feature added in Patch 1.1, some players reported suffer from a big lag when meet many other players in the center of the Cloud city, because the pets add more real-time animated object to render. So we solve this problem by upgrading the Graphic option in Setting. When player switch to Low / Mid / High in Graphic, now it will really reduced the quality of resolution and the range of map to render, so it will help to save performance for lower-spec device. If player feel laggy, just switch the Graphic option to Low or Medium.

5. Pet's Status bugs

Some player reported the status of the Pet is not valid as it described, because of a cache which preventing the original status to be shown. Especially in both DEF and CRIT which will be always same (which is should not). Now it will be fixed along this patch, the DEF and the CRIT will not mirroring each other anymore.

6. No more restart when switch Character

You can now switch character easily without worrying the game to auto-restart.

7. First Top-Up bonus will always be 50% again

We decide to make the bonus back to 50%, so it will be fair for all new players. But to compromise this, selling in Vending and sending in Mailbox will only accessible for character who reach Level 30. But new player still be able to open others' Vending to buy, and open Mailbox to accept anything from others.

8. Prepare for the Login using email

We listen on players, and we understand that not everybody want to put their number phone because it is a part of privacy, so this can be a limitation for many new player to register. Because of this boundary, we decide to let users ( both the existing and the new player ) to be able register using email, and we will send the OTP-code through their email. For the existing players, when they login in next week, they will be required to input their email and confirm to be able continue to play the game, and no more OTP-code in WhatsApp anymore.

9. Pet Food, Soft Drink, Isotonic

Player can now purchase Pet Food from ItemMall, and buy Soft Drink and Isotonic from NPC Bartender. Prepare your Adult Pet with +9 and > 100% EXP, then give Isotonic to it, and don't forget to pray for the random statuses added to the pet ( valuation ).


Update directly from PlayStore and AppStore on 19th March, 2021, and all the changes described above will be updated partially everyday.


Thanks for your support and patience for our hard work to make the game better and fair for all players.

Please play fair and enjoy the game, so we can focus on adding more and more new features in the next Patch.


Cheer Up...

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