Patch 1.1

02 March 2021 01:13

Written by : Your friendly neighborhood Admin

1. Pet System

Welcome to our little buddies, they are ready to accompany you wherever you go with their unique-power effect which can be activated by a simple click. Feed your pets with the food they want, so they can evolve faster.


2. Knight Punishment's taunt effect rework

Taunt effect will lock the monster for at least 5 seconds and have a larger AoE to gather many monsters easier than before, so the monsters won't be able to change target on other member on team. Now the Knight will be a true protector, and the team's member can rely on Knight to protect them.


3. Cleric Bless' effect rework

Buff will got higher on the early, it makes cleric more useful since from the very beginning ( level 1 to 50 ), so many other heroes will really feel the impact when cleric on the team, and cleric will got party easier. In the end, the status just the same, we just make the starter point to be higher, but to compensate these changes we decrease a little bit in the Mid, but will reach the same in the Late, for example :

Status From To
Early ( lv 1 - 75 ) 1% 20%
Mid ( lv 76 - 150 ) 50% 40%
Late ( lv 150++ ) 100% 100%


4. Potion EP cost

To be fair, potion's EP cost should be changed so the game will be more balanced, for example from beginning ( level 1 to 50 ) when the EP is still small, players usually use the smallest potion, since their HP is also still small. So they will not run out EP so easily.

Potion From To
Small 30 EP 20 EP
Medium 30 EP 35 EP
Large 30 EP 50 EP


5. Skill can be casted even when still in basic-attack

Many players who upgraded their DEX to reduce the cooldown face an issue which prevent them to cast their skill even when the cooldown is finished and ready to cast because of they are still in basic-attack animation. So in this patch they will be possible now to skip the basic-attack animation and use the skill instantly whenever they are ready.


6. Added ingame currency name

Many players reported call the ingame-currency as gold or coin or money, the actual real name of the ingame-currency is "Xena", and now will be added to Profile, and on all NPCs' page. "Gold" is just an ordinary item dropped from map level 221-250.


7. Rainbow village will be temporary closed

To make all the players gather around in the Base, all maps from Rainbow (Forest to Ruins) will be combined into Cloud (so all of them will be accessible directly from Cloud city). With this update, we hope all the players (both the current and the new registered) can meet each other, and feel the city to be more crowded.


8. Double Bonus EXP from Party

When clear dungeon takes time longer in Solo-Hunt (especially the boss which has the largest EXP), party will make more benefits now, besides enable to finish dungeon faster, Bonus EXP now will be doubled.

Member Bonus From To
1 0 % 0 %
2 20 % 40 %
3 30 % 60 %
4 40 % 80 %
5 50 % 100 %


9. Reposition hidden monster in Cave

The Map of Cave will be updated, so all the monster will be visible from the start, and can be attacked easier.


10. Small and Medium potion buff

When player reach on higher-level, they prefer to use the Largest Potion, since the gap between Small and Medium is too big, so with these change, we hope all the potions will still be useful from the very beginning of the game until the late.

Red Potion From To
Small + 1000 HP + 1500 HP
Medium + 2500 HP + 3000 HP
Large + 5000 HP + 5000 HP
Blue Potion From To
Small + 100 MP + 150 MP
Medium + 250 MP + 300 MP
Large + 500 MP + 500 MP


11. Status adjustments

Multiple adjustments on status will be updated in backend along with this patch, to make the game more stable, some of example : VIT will increase 30 HP instead of 25 HP, cooldown will be faster 1 second for all skills of Mage on higher-level, and many more. We also will update the cooldown information on our website for the base status.


12. Female warrior's animations update

On this patch, we will also fix the collision between Female Warrior's sword and the floor when Running, and the collision between her sword-handle and her body when Idle.


Update directly from PlayStore and AppStore on 5th March, 2021.



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