Patch 1.28

25 March 2021 11:35

Written by : Your Kindly Admin

1. Party will make more benefit

Starting from Map stage-6, every boss will always drop the same item for every member on the party. For example, a party with 5 members, if the boss drop Sapphire, then every member will got Sapphire, it means you get 5 Sapphire in total for single-boss. But if you alone, then the boss will only drop 1 Sapphire. So it is very important to bring more member, to claim this benefit.

But to compromise this, required items to build for some equipment Set will be increased ( especially for Set-5 and Set-6 ).

2. Critical Division

Critical now will be a true shock damage.

Before every 250 Crit + 100% damage
Now every 200 Crit + 100% damage

But to compromise this, now Critical-rate will be another different status, which can be increased by adding new LP called "Luck" or LCK. Every character start from 5% Critical-rate in Level 1, and each level will add 0.1% Critical-rate. Each LCK will increase 0.5% Critical-rate.

( all Players will get free Renewal to reset the LP )


3. LP's new increment button

Now you can increase 10 LP at single-click if you have free 10 or more LPs to use.


4. Smaller map Glacier

Map Glacier will be 30% smaller now.


5. Elements is now starting to take effect

Every monsters actually have their own elements, we will add this element information to the Web -> Monsters section partially. Each element will have their own unique side-effect, and starting from stage-6 (map with level more than 100), every monster will deal a side-effect to their target.


6. Valuation range for HP & MP is increased

HP Minimal Maximal
Before -200 200
Now -400 400
MP Minimal Maximal
Before -30 30
Now -40 40

This will automatically upgrade the existing valuation of HP from before 127 become 200 (or minus), 50 become 100 (or minus). Because it will only range from 100, 200, 300, 400 (or minus).

This change will take up to 24 hour to automatically update, because of the cache from server.

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